Zhe Zhang Systems Engineer and Researcher

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Engineer and researcher in big data systems.

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I was born in the Xi’An city in northwestern China, and did my undergraduate study in the University of Science and Technology of China. In 2004 I started graduate school at the North Carolina State University co-majoring in Operations Research and Computer Science. After finishing my Ph.D. study in the PALM research group led by Dr. Xiaosong Ma in November 2009, I worked in the Technology Integration Group in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a staff scientist for one year. In November 2010 I joined the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a research staff member, where I worked on cloud computing technologies with a focus on SaaS/PaaS offerings. At IBM Research I co-chaired the Professional Interest Community (PIC) in Storage Systems. My work received IBM Research Accomplishment Award and Outstanding Technology Achievement Award in 2013. From 2014 to early 2016 I worked at Cloudera working on Hadoop. I led the design and development of HDFS Erasure Coding, which is a major new feature for Apache Hadoop 3.0.

I’m currently a software engineer at LinkedIn working on exciting big data problems around Hadoop.

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